Why Texas Longhorns?

A breed unique from any other, Texas Longhorns have helped pave the way for the future of the North American cattle business while preserving their own uniqueness as a breed and as a trendsetter towards leaner beef. The Texas Longhorn - an old breed with a new future.

Consider Texas Longhorns For

✔ Lean Meat.
The breed produces naturally less fat and lower cholesterol for today’s health conscious public.
✔ Longevity.
Texas Longhorns breed well into their teens. More live calves over the years mean more dollars.
✔ Browse Utilization.
Less supplemental feed is needed because the cattle take advantage of the forage available.
✔ Disease/Parasite Resistance.
A natural immunity developed over the centuries means fewer veterinarian bills and less maintenance for today’s cowman.
✔ Reproductive Efficiency.
Large pelvic openings and low birth weights result in live calves. Busy cattlemen can say “goodbye” to sleepless nights.
✔ Docility.
Longhorn cattle are intelligent, easy to work and to handle.
✔ Adaptability.
The breed thrives in climates from the hot, damp coastal regions to the harsh winters of Canada.
✔ Hybrid Vigor.
Heritable quality enhances your present breed and gives you a new genetic pool.
✔ Unique.
No two Texas Longhorns are alike. They all differ in color pattern, size, horn length, and personality.

A Market Machine

✔ Seedstock.
This is the obvious reason for a registered herd. The seedstock producer furnishes the start-up stock for many new breeders. He also provides other seed stock producers with a new genetic pool.
✔ Commercial Bulls.
Texas Longhorn bulls are the bull of choice for first-calf heifers. The commercial cattleman knows that the lower birth weight of the calves puts less stress on the mother. It also gives him a live calf to sell at market the first-time out.
✔ Commercial Females.
Many cattlemen utilize the inherited genetics of the Texas Longhorn female with their breed of bull to produce live, vigorous, profitable calves for the market
✔ Recreational Stock.
There is a ready market for Texas Longhorns for both roping and cutting stock. The cattle are quick, agile, and long-lasting.
✔ Lean Beef.
Today’s health conscious consumer is demanding leaner beef so many Texas Longhorns have found a niche for the beef they produce.
✔ Traditional & Nostalgia.
The Texas Longhorn is the living symbol of the Old West. Wherever the western influence is desired-front pasture, cattle drive, or tourist attraction-you’ll find a demand for this magnificent breed.
✔ Horns & Hide.
The Texas Longhorn is worth money even after it has outlived its usefulness as a beef producer. Top dollars are paid for the horns, skulls, and mounts that are used in the popular Southwestern decor of businesses and homes.
✔ Pure Pleasure.
Intelligent and easy to work with, the Texas Longhorn is easily trained to exhibit in the show ring, lead or drive in parades, pull wagons, and yes, even to ride!