CTLA History


   Canadian Texas Longhorn Association



   In the fall of 2003, the Saskatchewan Texas Longhorn Association decided to rename the affiliate, the Canadian Texas Longhorn Association, in a sincere effort to unite breeders across Canada.  It was our sole intent to continue to promote registered Texas Longhorn cattle and their breeders throughout Canada and the northern border states.  In 2004, the affiliate went dormant due to the BSE crisis and not knowing if the borders would ever be re-opened to Canadian cattle.

  In the spring of 2013 a group of interested breeders from across Canada contacted the original CTLA Directors and asked if the association would consider becoming active again. At a membership interest meeting April 5/2013 in Ponoka Alberta, breeders came together to move forward with the reactivation of the CTLA.

Knowing that the original by-laws of the association were unable to be found due to a death of a previous office assistant, the following by-laws are being brought forward to be considered as  guidelines for the reactivation of the Canadian Texas Longhorn Association at their annual meeting to be held June 1/2013 in Hanna, Alberta. It is with respect to the previous association that their name Canadian Texas Longhorn Association, their logo, and their communication tool, will continue to be utilized and the association's membership will be asked to vote on the following by-laws at their June 1st/2013 meeting in Hanna, Alberta.


The purpose of the Canadian Texas Longhorn Association is to recognize Texas Longhorn cattle as a distinct breed in order to protect their unique heritage.  The association will promote breeding practices to preserve its purity, produce public awareness of the Texas Longhorn, recognize breeders, as well as encourage others to develop and maintain herds.  This association will be dedicated to the advancement of the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle, none of which shall be for profit to the association.